NeoDrill AS – “The top-Hole Innovator”

NeoDrill specialises in developing technology for more cost efficient Top-Hole operations. New technology has been developed for more efficient conductor installation for single and multiple well template installations.
The technology enables complete non-disposal top-hole operations and systems for safely penetrating and continuously casing off shallow gas and shallow water zones. Studies, tests and engineering performed show the TDC technology to have following main advantages over conventional drill-and-cemented conductors:
More cost efficient multi-well installations from MODUs

· Pre-rig arrival conductor installation and well construction enabled => Superior cost efficiency

· Improved well foundation => Higher axial, lateral and bending load capacities

· No soil removal - soil compaction only => No subsidence

· No cuttings creation and environmental impact

· No cementing, excess cement “mess” or cement drill-out

· More efficient jacket / platform conductor installation

· Noiseless subsurface conductor driving

· Driving of curved conductors enabled

· Reduced conductor damage risks

· Impacts conductor on toe => No buckling

· Solid Drive Point => No conductor shoe damage


IHC Hydrohammer bv is NeoDrill AS' technology development partner, whilst Precision Drilling has been Petropartner International AS' main international partner.


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