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Petropartner International AS
PI is a Drilling Engineering & Consultancy Company specialised in Rigs, Drilling and Well Equipment, as well as conceptual engineering related to more efficient well design.
PI performs projects addressing efficient Exploration (EfEx) and Slender Well drilling, and offers project management & support for rig upgrade and modifications jobs, as well as “single string venture” drilling operations management.
PI reflects more than 30 years experience within Drilling and Wells engineering, spanning from the Far East to the Atlantic, and within Jack-up, Semi, Platform, Tender and onshore Drilling operations.

The world’s first TDC installation from a Semi Rig was performed by “Deepsea Bergen”, a 3rd generation MODU, in Summer 2003. All equipment-handling operations were carried out through the rotary, and the feasibility of performing safe TDC installations from a semi was documented. The efficiency and cost saving “bench marks” show that shorter installation time be required for TDC than for Conventional, and that multi-well installations from a MODU will be very cost efficient. It is projected that an even more significant cost saving can be realized if a DP sub sea Service Vessel prior to rig arrival carries out the conductor installation. Thus, the field can be put earlier “on stream” giving an equivalent earlier return of investments.